Sunday, March 13, 2011 at 10:56am ·

I’m not from Jupiter, I’m not from mars.

I come from some distant stars

out in space, where time is erased.

out in the clear, till i want to appear

Out of the mind

Inside of mankind

From the wants,needs,desires

Changing us from vampires

who like to feed on peoples energy

because energy can be pretty deathly

if you do not know how to utilize

You’ll never be able to see the true sunrise.

Or the power of nature

even the energy of culture.

I am not from Jupiter, I am not from mars.

I come from many different stars.

Floating around in space, till I find my place.

Outside the mind, Inside of Mankind.

Im here to stay, Im here to pray.

till we can all see our errors and mistakes.

Till our minds are all awake.

I’m not from Jupiter, I’m not from mars.

I’m from the distant stars


One comment on “Distant

  1. This is definitely a powerful poem and it has a very ethereal feel to the flow and words. On the surface it sounds like it would be about an alien from beyond the galaxy, but I get the feeling that it’s not so simple. I can only speak of my own odd beliefs that there is a piece of a distant world in every human being. It’s a source of energy that they can access to reach their highest levels of potential.

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