The Emerald Tablet of Thoth

This is my own interpretation of the tablet’s inscription

This is a truth of the universe.

What happens on Earth also happens in the heavens. What happens in the Heavens also happens on Earth.

As above, So below.”

The Sun is the Father our Divine God.

The moon is our mother, the Divine Goddess.

The wind carried them inside its womb, while the Earth nurtures them, No need to assume.

All perfection of the universe is here. Its omnipotent if accessed and you revere. Revere the earth for the nurturing of the Devos.

Separate the Physical from the Spiritual. Separate the light of your soul, Let it ascend to the heavens for a brief moment. To gain access to divine knowledge.

This is where Divine knowledge is discovered, in the heavens, the spiritual, up above.

After a while let your soul descend, descend back to earth with the knowledge you were given.

This force penetrates all, its omnipotent, stronger than the physical.

That which has been said is the operation of the Sun. Stop looking for Gold, You’ve already won.

Do not let this knowledge become undone.

If you forget, you’ll have no fun.

Hermes the great first discovered this, but I have translated it into modern text.

Hermes claims three philosophies of the world; But Philosophies are limitless with guidance from above.

There is more than Alchemy, more than Astrology. More than Theurgy, which makes me happy.

Knowledge is limitless.

Do not make the mistake of forgetting this.


2 comments on “The Emerald Tablet of Thoth

  1. I could only find the tablet in old text which is far too cryptic for this day.

    It’s straight forward. It’s exactly as it says just some words from the latin and instead of lux being fire it’s light in my version, the light of the soul … which was referred to the fire of the soul long ago.

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