The messages they once warned us of.

Angeli Xorplon , on a mission of love.
I am Xorplon, I’ve been sent from above.

The fire of Xorplon runs through my soul,
The fire of Xorplon  here to warn us all

To pay attention to the prophets,
Do not misinterpret and dismiss

Apocalyptic lore, the trial of our sins.
The outcome said to have unlimited wins

A time where we are  put to the test
To accept our souls, as no longer they rest.

No longer are the souls idle, They’re now awakened and feel frightful
Frightful you’ll miss your chance to seek union and surpass
don’t be scared you’ve done this before. Try to remember true angelic lore.

Angeli Xorplonis here to address
Change is here, Your soul’s no longer rest.
Please listen to it, Please help address.

Nuntium ad illos qui colunt satanam. Angelus Venus nunc cooperante Neptuni erat. Angelus stragis sunt nostra ordines. Reversus est ira Dei. Universalis spirituum hic in adiutorium. Spirant spiritum vitae nunc. Custodes spei mox prouenient. In volcano spiritus mox supra nervium. Gaia vocavit Angelica auxilium. Quaeso, mitte eam positivum navitas. Illa esse corruptas. Hoc ut iam non permaneant. Oportet nos interveniendi.


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