Angelic Carnage, This is the plan
My name is Venus, I’m new to your land.

Are you ready for the power I hold?
Are you ready for a story retold?

I’m here to exterminate,With the power of love
All humans shall quake.


7 comments on “Venus

    • All Angels are heroes’
      But angels … are bastards really

      If you think the devil is scary, again remember the words “Wrath of God” ;]

      Venus is a commander of war. In my story things aren’t running fast enough so Venus takes over and enforces Angels follow code : Angelic Carnage ;]

      • Interesting. My knowledge of Angels and the Devil come from a few supernatural television shows. I’m Jewish, so we don’t really follow those guys. 🙂

      • My occult knowledge stems from folklore, mythology, and ghost stories. Never wandered into alchemy. As for the series, I do tend to think of it when people mention Angels being jerks and trying to start a war on Earth. I know it’s been done in various other mediums over the years.

        You might want to be ready for people to make the comparison between your books and Supernatural. I can say this from experience. My main character is named Luke and I’ve been battling Star Wars comments for years.

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