Character's Bio

It’s up. Still unfinished. I will be adding the rest of the main characters soon.

If you look at my blog a you’ll find a picture of Gaia

Why do you think she’s not named the Angel Gaia?  Why would her title just be Gaia?? Thoughts??

Check out info on Xorplon,Venus, and Neptune.


3 comments on “Character's Bio

  1. Either she’s half angel/half mortal or it’s because the Greek Gaia was the mother of the Titans, the giants, and the heavenly gods. Gaia is a spirit, if not the personification, of the Earth, so she’s a very terrestial figure.

    • I like your thinking. You’re quite the historian 🙂

      but, My book is not that of conventional historical lore.

      The first few sentences of my book.

      “This is a story about our history. The history of the world, the history of Gaia.
      There are no records kept that these events. The evidence was destroyed long ago to prevent any human from stumbling upon what really happened. The only beings with knowledge of what actually happened long ago on Pangaea are the beings which are related directly to the heavens, the Gods themselves.

      • Well, my knowledge is all I have to go by. Now, you mention ‘the Gods themselves’, so are you working with a single deity or a pantheon? Until that line, I thought you were working with a Judeo-Christian theme. Unless by Gods you mean the angels are considered Gods after all of the events.

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