The angel. On a mission from god sent to destroy.
Excessus tends to go overboard and needs to be stopped time to time.


9 comments on “Excessus

    • Heh, The Grim reaper is just an angel of death, instructed by god.

      In my story he loses his way and goes overboard sometimes. 🙂

      Believe it or not, He’s a good character. But in the first book he’s the main antagonist.

      • Death gets a bad wrap and I’m sure mortals can push his buttons to the point of insanity. Besides, any sentient being that is involved with death for eternity probably has a few screws loose.

      • What if the Angel Excessus did not know that was his role?? ;]

        In Tarot, Death is one of the best cards. It represents change, death of the old so the new may come 🙂

      • Yup. My wife does Tarot while I seemed to gravitate more toward Nordic Runes. As for Excessus, I’m curious as to how he could be involved in death and not know.

      • X )

        My story is a far different approach to ancient lore than what has already been written.

        I decided that If i were to write, That I would ensure I do not regurgitate anything in a way which has already been done. Something different. Change is needed. People reading the same stories year after year, different characters and story like but the same book.

        Same with movies, television, and music.

        It’s time to stop and create new.

      • Part of that is caused by the industry not wanting to take risks and your average reader not wanting to broaden their horizons. I really can’t talk because I use the ‘good vs evil’ and quest plots while focusing on making interesting characters.

      • One of my favorite quotes.

        “Death is a thing which makes many men weep, yet a third of your life is passed in sleep.”


        Death has a bad wrap because of humanities natural fear of death. One can’t fear death when they understand.

        Death and Birth, they’re the same thing really. x]

      • I sometimes think the fear isn’t so much of death itself, but what comes after death. It’s that unknown that makes a person regret not living their life to the fullest. There are so many stories about what happens after you die and the majority of them aren’t pretty.

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