What is Twitter?

I mean… I understand Myspace.com, Facebook,tumble.etc

But what is the point of twitter exactly? It’s social media yes… but what’s it best used for??


7 comments on “What is Twitter?

  1. Twitter always feels like blogging for people with short attention spans to me, but it’s very popular. I believe the point of it is to be able to post information, status updates, and ‘chat’ while on the move. It has a 140 character limit, which means you have to be brief and precise. It doesn’t hurt to make one and connect it to your website. Your posts will end up as a twitter announcement.

    Similarly, Pinterest feels like Twitter for pictures. The benefit of Pinterest is that you can set one up, put up the Pinterest share button for your site, and attach the ‘Pin It’ to your toolbar without ever going back. It’s fairly new and major companies are using it for advertising.

    I’ve just learned about both of these after a more experienced blogger told me that even I don’t really use them, they help bring in traffic to my website.

  2. Honestly I have yet to figure it out. I just followed my favorite authors and some fun RP characters from books i like. Other authors find you to share their work and you also can get in touch with publishing agencies/self-publishing agents. It’s like a none stop conversation. It took me a while to understand it but now I like it.

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