Just read part 23, had to reblog part one. I’ll read it now. It’s amazing. Take a look to anyone who see’s this.

Legends of Windemere

A shrill bell echoes through the darkness that covers the riverside town of Rodillen. Very few people walk the empty streets while eerie noises drift through the murky air. A dull wind snakes its way among the buildings, carrying a luminous mist that clings to everything it touches. The bell ringer stops and retreats to his stone shack as a lone, brown-haired man stumbles his way into the first tavern that he can find. The tavern is silent as every guest stares at this newcomer, their eyes filled with suspicion. His muddy traveler’s cloak is torn in several places, but his clothes have retained their refined appearance. Everyone watches as the man nervously takes a seat at the bar and pulls out a gold coin with a jester cap symbol on it. He skillfully juggles the coin along his knuckles before lifting his arm, letting the coin slide into his…

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