Give me a book

Welcome to Angelic Carnage my brother.

Give me a corner
Give me some light
Give me a book

Now I have another world
Now I have new friends
Now I have another adventure

Where is this place that I have never seen?
How will they find the hidden door?
When will they defeat that devious foe?

Who knows what she might say
Who knows where he may go
Will they meet or wont they

The terrain inside more frightening
Than the storms outside
To seek, to discover, to share

Of monsters in closets
Of courage in the darkness
Of wonder, pain, love and redemption

And in the end when the sound
Has subsided, at exit stage left
When the credits roll

When the author has signed off
When you are still in thrall
When you let it sink so deeply in

You find another clue
Some insight, another missing link
To that which fiercely binds us…

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