I pledge always to share whatever authors and aspiring authors in addition to, journalists publications whenever, I take notice of talent.
Show appreciation yourself because your creativity, such a thing’s a gift.

Lori Prima


What you are seeking might be just out of sight…keep going

Happy Endings

I always thought endings couldn’t be happy, but when I realized that ending things are necessary to create happier beginnings…it started to make sense. For when you’re holding on to something that’s sinking, there’s a good chance you’ll drown.

I am making a huge change in life – saying goodbye, so I can create a new beginning somewhere else. Funny how we get used to the existence we create for ourselves. It can be a bit comforting. But for me it became too comforting. I started my job with no preconceived notions that I would be there for so long. However, through the years I kept moving up. I had aspirations to meet. So what happens when you achieve what you set out to do? Do you settle in or set out for a new adventures? For…

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