Sex and Marketing

Chez106, a commercial radio station in my city. In fact, they were my preferred choice of radio station until I broke away from limiting myself to classic rock. In recent years, they’ve made their attempt at changing from classic rock to ” Classic rock and today’s hits” or something like that. I don’t honestly know because I don’t follow, Mainly because they’re repetitive.

As I’m forced to go through my city of Ottawa , I see ad’s of half naked women everywhere. Billboards and such of Chez106 and their half naked women advertisements.

With the beginning of their advanced generation of social media, they seem to have kept to their philosophy of half-naked women. Why can’t they realize they’re regurgitating their own crap. They need to start creating. I’ve lost faith in them and no longer play the radio. I’m forced to listen to what I actually won’t to now.

Chez106, Here is the future. Get a glimpse.

You’re ways of advertising are dying. You want to go with the program before it’s too late. Save your company. Please for the sake of all Ottawa and play real kickass rock and roll again. I owned my own radio station at one point. I’m 21 …. I was 15 when I ran mine, and I had a whole group at one point. People asking me to arrange for them while I was on air and they donated to me for my services of having their guests happy at  an event.

If you know how to do that try, but please enough with the half-naked women. It’s sexist, rude, and a dying breed. It lacks creativity, originality.

You’re good at what you do. Playing good music, selecting and regurgitating the same things over and over. Change is now Chez106, Angelic Carnage.

Look at their marketing ways. You could learn a thing or two @Chez106

As for my view on the matter of objectifying women, Read my poem entitled : Gaia


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