My Purpose.

My purpose is to write, inspire, create.
I didn’t come here to just write about a book I’d like to publish. I’m here to learn.

From people, Businesses, Corporations.
I want to be able to say I can work for you one day because people like you on WordPress helped me.

Not limiting myself to just those things I’m here to review,connect,interact to keep the light of hope shining among all that come across me. I am C.W.S  and I am science fiction. I am creativity.

I’ll be researching publishing companies and why they’re good. What they’re good for and why one day I know they’ll hire me. 🙂

I have many plans. I’m not here to write. I’m an artist. I’m here to create and inspirate ;]



3 comments on “My Purpose.

  1. Ever think of working for yourself or is that a long-term goal? As a creative person, I can tell you that it isn’t easy working for someone else. Then again, I did retail and office work (still have nightmares about cubicles) so this could just be my personal issues.

    • I’m always going to be working for myself. I know I can’t work for someone. Maybe like … COmpany pays me to write for them haha

      I refuse to go a place where Im asked to work while I can accomplish much more in my spare time.

      • I think you just need to get an author contract with a publishing company to write your own books. So, it technically turns into them ‘working’ for you.

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