The Canadian National Post : Review

National Post, Please give me the news.
You’re thoughts I will not refuse

I want to hear of my Florida home, the one I cannot afford.
Let me learn of all your cars, I have no money but i will bother.
Because you are the news, I am human, I will not refuse.

I will not refuse you’re attempt at following guidelines
Don’t talk about taboo subjects, those will cause us to unwind.

Our minds are yours for the taking. Angelic carnage in the making.


My little ado to The Canadian National Post

As mentioned in my last post I expressed my frustration with the material being posted . It’s not news. I’ll be starting a blog just for this website to not ridicule them but hopefully someone will look and appreciate how I’m trying to tell them to stop regurgitating shit.

I’ll post more in the morning it’s getting late but here are a few pictures of my demonstration of deconstruction on their subject material and how it’s not news. I really need a house …


What really is news anymore? Really, trending topics of Rogers inc, a company that probably owns them, homes, cars, suicides. Yes there is good to their news and relevant information but when did they sell themselves out. Has every company sold itself out. Is that why the world is trillions of dept to china and nobody wants to talk or do a thing about it?

An example of how they’re doing good but still horrible.


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