The Celestine Prophecy : A review


Published in 1993 by author James Redfield The Celestine prophecy was a  creation before it’s time. A very easy read yet complex the author was able to get inside of the reader’s mind. Starting off in the Americas the main character receives a message from a friend about an ancient manuscript found in Peru.

The author was fairly clever. He made the main character so dim-witted. I had myself asking several times ” When will he understand ” . While reading The Celestine prophecy and following the journey of the manuscript you understand more than what he character does. It was frustrating at times because the main character is just very two dimensional. He has no clue what’s going on but learning about synchronicity and energy he finds his way.

It’s a story of hope. It’s under the genre of New Age and Religious Fiction but there is more to it than that. The book is cryptic. After reading I was questioning myself about the Author as I wanted to learn more. What exactly does James Redfield know  and what message is he trying to send?

The message is clear in his book and series. Each chapter leading to a new piece of the manuscript for all to eventually understand humanity.

This book is a spiritual experience. If you’ve not the to read it in the 19 year’s it’s been out I suggest you give it a go. It turns into a personal journey of the self.

It’s a great psychological technique the author uses and he uses the same technique through his other books apart of the same series.
This book may be enjoyed by everybody but not appreciated by all. Those younger may not understand the complex concepts the author is articulating but I’d say 16+ and you have the mental capacity to absorb the goodness of this Novel.

If you’ve read this book please share your thoughts. If you read it let me know as well. 🙂


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