Twitter / nparts: Troubled country singer Mindy …

Twitter / nparts: Troubled country singer Mindy ….

It’s sad when I see this type of subject considered to be information people should know and have details about.

When it somebody going to do something about this? It’s irrelevant.
or how about the trillions of debt the world owes to china.

Why can’t there be a medium, which news can be right and instead of being controlled by the masses create a mass of the people.

As writers I hope you all see where I’m coming from. This should never be in the news.  Media whores , i never realized the term correctly until now.

A message to the National Post. My next review will be on you. I hope you comment and pay attention to what can be taught by the people.

Untill then National Post


3 comments on “Twitter / nparts: Troubled country singer Mindy …

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  2. It’s sad, but mainstream news is more interested in ratings and web hits. There’s the old phrase ‘if it bleeds, it leads’, which becomes increasing true as time progresses.

  3. You’re right Slepsnor.

    This is why someone must stand up and change. They would make more webpage and hits if they gave us the story about the world they try to keep separate from our lives believing we may run into some chaotic state knowing how unhealthy our Global economic situation is.

    Someone out there, most likely has paid them not to report on these things. Freedom of speech looses it’s meaning as our age advances.

    I for one, will not be standing idle 🙂

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