National Post, Please give me the news.
You’re thoughts I will not refuse

I want to hear of my Florida home, the one I cannot afford.
Let me learn of of all your cars, I have no money but i will bother.
Because you are the news, I am human, I will not refuse.

I will not refuse you’re attempt at following guidelines
Don’t talk about taboo subjects, those will cause us to unwind.

Our minds are yours for the taking. Angelic carnage in the making.


Modern Mediums 😦


The Raven Moon – C.W.S

The Raven Moon - C.W.S

This will always be one of my most Favorited creations.

With the inspiration of aboriginal art, combined with thought, alchemy and spirituality this was the result.

I’m not from earth, I’m not from mars. I come from the distant stars :).

Philosophy, Metaphysics, Theology, Science

I am a Robot

I am a Robot, Beep Beep Beep
I do not eat, I do not sleep
Mostly I just like to beep
Sometimes I like to creep
The internet is my nature’s creed.
A universe created by man , It’s funny they don’t quite understand
Until they do I’ll continue to beep
I’m a robot, I don’t eat or sleep




The angel. On a mission from god sent to destroy.
Excessus tends to go overboard and needs to be stopped time to time.


A year has passed
A cycle complete
We’ve been together
Our hearts follow the same beat.

To imagine life without you in it
Is impossible, we’re committed.

We fight and bicker but never we’ll never forfeit.

We may not always see eye to eye but my love will not omit.

My heart holds a spot for you always,
Thank you for sharing yourself,  my secret holiday
My getaway, my vacation
One of God‘s creations

My angel from the cosmos,
Sent to help guide.

I’ll never forget you. Your imprint’s inscribed.

I love you ,nothing will change this
You’re the one who compliments my essence.

A full year, A cycle complete
Love has no boundaries
Let’s make another cycle repeat.

I love you D.T.J