Poerty and Other things.

Here are some of the poems i’ve written in the past and here is where ill add any new creations 🙂

This is one of my favourites.

Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 8:25am ·


Did you know that in china,
Women are considered less than Buddha?

Women are the reason we live and breathe
But the men oppress till they’re all sheathed.

Because they’re scared and insecure
don’t know how to handle life so they assure

That women are considered less
So that they can rule and oppress.

But what is better than a woman’s breast?
Maybe a pirates chest?

Full of treasure and of gold
But who can foresee what’s not yet told?

Greed,Money,Power and it will grab you within the hour.
So steer clear of the ego’s wants needs and desires

Or you will acquire the need to feed.
Feed off the energy off a woman, heck maybe you’ll get married.

But always remember she’s there for you, and she’ll love you like the Japanese love Haiku.
You need to get over your selfish needs, You just need to breathe.


One comment on “Poerty and Other things.

  1. Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 3:15pm ·
    The Flow

    The flow of the wind,
    The flow of the water,
    the flow of love, between Mother and Father.

    Of human kinds diseased thoughts.
    to the flow of running chariots.
    Of our wants,needs,desires.
    and don’t forget the flow of fire.

    the flow of time
    the flow of space
    the flow of the human race

    Its in us all, inside and out
    So always trust it without doubt.

    Its always there, its always near
    It just, cannot appear

    These are the words of a young man
    with a soul that yearns for THE earth man.

    The earth man is here to spread love and cheer
    to all of those who want to hear, but for those who chose to ignore
    Will forget the flow.

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