Amazing. Please if you love photography this blog is a must.

I’m so impressed with your finished articles. I’m a devotee now. You are phenomenal at blogging, picture-taking, artistry. A special one, you are signifying true vision, authentic creativity. I praise the entire heavens because your existance and those like you.


Ron Scubadiver's Wild Life

Walking with lions was a great experience.  I was high after it was over.  The lions are accustomed to being with humans.  Their trainer keeps them focused on a chunk of meat on the end of a long pointed stick while they are waiting to be touched.  The speed at which the lions can grab that tidbit of food is astonishing.  These are truly wondrous creatures.  What also struck me was how much affection these two lions had for each other.  They were not fully grown.  The male massed 150 kg and is expected to reach 260 kg.  Later that day I drove back to Capetown, and began my long trip back to the USA the next afternoon.

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